the beginning

It was a cold wintry night in Troon. The fields were all frosty and the water dangling off the hoses were pure icicles. A couple lampposts  sprung to life and the streets were full of light.


Cameron Carter-Vickers was an American and all the people of the year 2326 did not like him because he was American. He was a delivery boy he woke up he was late for his rounds, “a nuts I’m late.”


He rushed down the hall to the lift that took him to the kitchen he grabbed a pancake and left for Ottoline Drive the rich part of Troon. 


“Next,” the guard roared, clapping his hands. Cameron stepped up, “morning sir,” Cameron sarcastically said. “Morning American, hand over the ruchbag.” “Its just my delivery’s  a bottle of fuel and my hoverboard.” Cameron replied hoping he would let him through. “Fine go” stuttered the guard handing Cameron his bag.


Obviously Cameron was 5 minutes late now,  so he hopped on his hoverboard and set off for Ottoline Drive. He arrived but the amount of robot guards/police officers was insane he shoved his hoverboard in his ruchbag and went off to  delivery’s. His least favourite house number 4098 because it had a really sketchy Alloway to get to the front door. 


Then out of the blue he ran into a wall and all the robots darted their metal head and stared at Cameron then he shouted back, so sorry to disturb you but I didn’t see the wall.” They turned their heads so he turned his Cameron also hid himself not wanting to start any trouble.


When out of the blue an old woman came darting towards him with a beef knife Cameron darted his head left and right the only way was up he put one foot on each wall and shimmied up he saw a smashed window and carefully ever so carefully climbed through he looked down the lady was coming up, he was in but she might be in too.

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