The guard

It was a dark clear night in June. The moon brightened in and had its stars shined up as well. Streetlights shine the night with its shadows from them. 


Harry was walking to the building and was thinking if he could go inside or not, he saw dark clouds covering the moon slowly and then going away in Brandon Town. 


He also saw a shortcut that he can go to, but he thought about going in the building instead.


Harry walked near the building until a guard questioned Harry, “What do you think you are doing?”


“I’m taking some cake round to my grandma’s,” replied Harry trying his best not to get shy. The guard was thinking and decide what he would say to Harry. 


10 seconds later, the guard nodded yes, then suddenly said, “It’s you! I knew it by your look!

Anyways, you can come back the next day!”


“Ok!” said Harry, while he was about to wave at the guard and  take a shortcut without even dropping the cake.

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