Chapter 2

Outside, gloomy fog swept through every crack in the crumbling brick wall, taking over its environment. It covered the concrete, every building and streetlight- a relentless blanket trying to smother its wearer.

Inside, the old and abandoned butchers, the smell of rot and a forgotten past polluted the surrounding air.

Broken and uneven windows threw irrelevant patterns over the worn concrete floor, whilst menacing iron hooks hung the roof, reminding Evan of the places past self as an abattoir.

To his shock, a black figure emerged. What was it? Was it more lethal than death, or sweeter than cereal? Evan shivered. A hard Shiver. Then, it drew closer with every beat of Evan’s heart. Sea blue eyes appeared, staring at him. The creature then revealed itself. A beautiful, white horse. “Who are you?” mumbled the creature curiously. Evan was shocked. A horse? A talking horse? “Evan” he reluctantly answered.

Looking around it’s environment, the horse seemed curious. Evan didn’t realise for a long time, that the creature was wounded. They answered each other’s questions before searching for a hiding spot.

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