Chapter 2

The creeping fog seeped into every crack on every brick, swirls of grey wrapping around the buildings and street lights.

The corroding metal of the cages of the old zoo, animal bones everywere, then the ground rumbled, and a ferocious rawr could be heard from a mile away, then he hid in an old in an old cage. All of a sudden, there was a shadow of a great animal with blood dripping down its teeth teeth and it crept up to him. it was too hard to see because it was in a shadows bit had glowing red eyes. Too his shock it was a two headed snow leopard.

He was so scared he fainted, ten minutes later he awoke in a locked cage then the beast talked him and said it was on the run from hunters and needed a place to hide. He said he knows where to go. The next day, they arrived at an abandoned skyscraper, they hoped they were   finally alone.

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  1. i really liked your story it needs a little more of describing a little but it was fantastic

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