The dragon- Chapter 2

Outside, the rain started to fall. 3am crept nearer as the roads started to empty. Amelia had been told by her friends that 3am was the hour all the demons and all the spooky things came out, of course, she didn’t believe in that.

Inside her house there was a wet, damp smell, the walls were cold and cracked. Things were weird, not because her room was clean, but very weird. What was wrong with her?

To her shock, she saw a shadow come from her desk, a huge head poked out. It had large, sea blue eyes and an enormous, white tail. It was scaly and breathed aggressively. Amelia began to shake, she felt her throat dry and heart start to pound. It roared at her, then collapsed. Whatever it was it was, it was wanted, it was wounded. She got a closer look.

A dragon lay before her…

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