alex forest 2023

Outside, a jagged tusk of lightning spewed across the night sky elomoating the small town of Brandon. Inside, Ashley stumbled through  the ramshackled warehouse where he was planning on hiding, yet the cracks in the roof let in the snow; Ashley’s prints stuck out like a sore thumb. Broken beams lay at insane angles, timbers and crates lay discarded everywhere and branches hung down through the damaged roof. To his discontent, he stumbled and fell. A few seconds later, he was up and running  (he almost ran into several crates and walls). He came to a corridor. He tripped again and rolled to the end of the corridor and stood up. He groped up the door and yanked on the handle. He was going to die.


 Threw the window in the door  Ashly cold see the man in the gun pointed at his head 


But at that very instant an almity moan  shook the building to the core not one but two eyes beamed out of the darkness. In a  second the beast was upon him and the man


It was almighty, massive and black. Ashley realised it was an ape , a massive gorilla it frew dack its head and beat his chest the man ran yet Ashly was glued to the spot with fear.


The gorilla twisted round to face Ashly, it materialised into what must be an uncomfortable position. He could see that she had an almighty scratch on her chest and it was bleeding. He had never been next to a creacher that cold rip his arm off no problem. Jet felt peaceful around this creature as he watched the fur ruffled across her back.


For what seemed like an eon they stod watching each other. Ashly felt intimidated, jet prowd scared jet curios  in the end curiosity got the better of him and he reached out his hand for the gorilla  to touch. Its eyes were beautiful yet Ashley could tell she was sad.


It was then she spoke it was a calm voice yet harsh “i need you to help me.” said the gorilla 

“We need to find the gateway” the gorilla moaned   and hummed, Ashly said ”you need to rest.”


3 hours later Ashly was by the water looking across  at the old mill the pair crossed the bridge and entered. It was dark inside yet the building had a roof terrace so the gorilla could sunbathe. Inside, there were vines crawling up the walls, there was a **** tree in the center and the gorilla was already climbing. Ashley stood guard.      

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