Chapter 2

Outside the lightning crackled across the powerlines over the fields then the thunder was like a shotgun shell got shot in the sky and chase was running as fast as he could. Inside chase crept through the abandoned building stumbling on the chip of glass and logs on the wall  and wood to find a place to hide.


Old rusty wood chipper machines wood chips left on the floor till this day the wood was angled at the broken windows…


…but he thought there was no way out of here he was scared while the thunder rumbled in the background.


Then in the corner of the room chase heard a little purr. then he saw the two dark grey eyes glow

Then the Scottish wild cat came slowly creeping out underneath a log as chase held his breath back he was so terrified then he ran away as the wild cat chased after him.


Then he noticed he was trapped in the building he was thinking there was no way out then he seen 

A window no glass shards on the side no moss but the Scottish wild cat was sitting there.

Chase thought if he gave the cat food he could go but no the cat was telling him to find a new hiding spot.


Then the cat showed him the way to a hiding spot as they heard people creeping up to the window.

Then they climbed through  the window then chase peeked his head out from behind the work pallet.


The cat was not feared to hiss as he hissed and they ran away feart then you heard there footsteps slowly disappearing away from the building then chase told the wild cat to show him around. the place he obviously thought that he stayed here then the wild cat took him over to the big timber truck that carried the Mossie logs on the trailer. 


Then the cat was purring at the door then chase opened the door the cat jumps up inside

The cab of the truck then chase climbed in the cab of the truck then the cat was sitting on his cat bed.


Then the Scottish wild cat spoke directly at chase the cat said chase I need your help and my name is Tyler said we need to go to the harbour now he shouted as they ran to the harbour and chase was out of breath.


When they arrived at the harbour chase said to Tyler why are we here Tyler said there is people 

They want me dead they tried to hurt me as they went in chase shouted who wants to hurt this cat 

Then the man stand up and said ME the man in the corner table…


Said come here now the man said I need to get him give now he exhaled as he ran at then to be continued

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