chapter 2

Chapter 2


Outside, a sharp claw came through the building, there was thunder and lightning. inside John walked through the abandoned building looking for somewhere to hide. The old building was scary, with rusty cans laying on 

the floor and old broken crates. To his horror he found out there was no 

way to get out. He was trapped. 


Behind him, there was a man that stood there scarily, there was a faint 

shadow of a knife in his hand John shivered…


A second later, something growled, out of the darkness two bright orange

eyes looked at him with bright white teeth whatever it was, John stood

between him and the man.


It was massive, it had fluffy grey fur, John found out he was standing next 

to a giant wolf. It threw back its furry head and howled!! At that moment 

the man was not there anymore, John was scared.


The wolf went over to John and sat next to him and John could see that 

the wolf was wounded with a open cut across its stomach. He has never

been so close to such a big animal in his life.


The wolf started to lick Johns leg,  it was thirsty, John took a water bottle out 

of his pocket and let the wolf have some water its eyes stared at him for

A long time, it was sad to see the wolf hurt.


It was then the wolf spoke in a old quiet voice he could just hear it 

“I need some help we must get away from here” 


John stared back at that moment he knew that he would have to do anything 

For this beautiful creature “we must hide”.


Half an hour later, john and the wolf scavenged down the streets to the 

Wherehouse by dragon cabin, rumour had it that there was dragons around it 

John went in, the wolf sat on his lap and fell asleep john kept on a lookout. 

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