Chapter 2

Outside the thunder crackling, wind whistling through the bear tree branches . Inside John was trapped in an abandoned ware house. John was trying to stay hidden, John looked to one angle in the  building to hide. Old toys leaned at a crazy angle, rusted plates piled high and destroyed machinery scattered on  the floor .To his horror, he could only hide in a vent that leads outside, but there was no way out. The vent led to a huge, wall he was trapped.



Behind him the shadow of the robber was right there with a knife in his hand John gasped…


But in a moment something rumbled, louder than  an earthquake. John peeked through to see  what was happened, but then that’s where he saw not one but two blue eyes and he  realized it was lion, John knew that lions were extinct thousands of years ago. John was petrified.



The lion kneeled down Infront of him was a orange fur and a brown beard. it was a foot-stamper. The robber ran away so John was safe. The lion  was whining, John realized    that the lion was badly hurt, John pulled out the parcel that he was delivering he used it like a plaster to make the lion stop bleeding. But then  something happened that John thought was not possible, the lion spoke “thank you.” The lion said. John was shocked the lion kept talking  ” I need your help to get the guardians.” Jonh said “yes”




20 minutes later John and the lion were in a river in the dark they hid under the bridge to stay  hidden the curled up in  a ball and slept all night long John kept watch.

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