Chapter 2

The darkness was freighting to David in the crammed room he heard noises coming from the door and the end of the room he turned the light on a little side lamp on the table boxes just left to get picked up by the delivery man later that day. To his surprise there was an envelope now sports direct never have envelopes so he was quite weirded out but out of the blue an animals nose poked out of the door it looked big he couldn’t quite see what animal it was until he saw its eyes.


Its eyes bright orange gleaming in the small light David thought it must be a gorilla said David. As the mysterious creature edged closer to him he took a step back and the animal revealed its self it was a giant gorilla David thought about running away but seen the gorilla was wounded so went to have a better look and seen it was a gunshot wound but suddenly the gorilla started talking there are people after me help me don’t tell anyone of me for I’m choosing to stay away if I go out I’m dead bring balance to me and tell no one.


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