Chapter 2

Outside, a gigantic lightning strike crackled across the sky and thunder growled overhead. Inside, Gerard trembled as he walked through the secret building, searching desperately to find somewhere to hide until the storm clears away. Old timbers leaned at weird angels, rusty pipes filled the ceiling and old scrapes from the walls filled the floor. To his horror he could only just make out the door had started to shrink, he was trapped.


At the moment the man had just about wriggled through the door.

With a knife bearing in his hands. Gerard tried not to scream.


…but at that moment, something growled, louder than the thunder outside. Both of them turned around at the speed of light and out of nowhere two green eyes emerged from the darkness.

The creature bared its razor sharp teeth at the man and then came closer and closer.

Now Gerard was behind this creature and stood in front of the man.


It was massive. Humongous and brown. Gerard noticed he was standing beside a massive kangaroo.

It threw back its shaggy head and roared. In that moment, the man staggered and quickly fled.

Gerard  stood rooted to the spot, paralysed in fear.


The kangaroo turned and fell down in front of Gerard, resting her head on a can of beans.

He could see she had been wounded. A gash of red ran down across her neck.

It was his first time seeing and animal of this size. He could smell an earth, musty smell and watched as her pelt of brown fur ripple across her back.


They stared at each other intently Gerard thought she was sizing him up, staring deeper and deeper

Into Gerards eyes. But , his fear of her was slowly drifting away. She leaned her head upwards and sniffed. Then she licked his beat up trainers with her tough, Red tongue. Her eyes sizzled as if burned with fire. He could see happiness but all so rage.


It was at that moment she spoke. A really high, nasally voice that seemed to spring from the dry floorboards itself. It was a voice of a silent night in winter. ”I need your help.” she said slowly. ”We must find a way to get out of here”.


Gerard stared back, his head nodding as if he understood. He knew that in that moment he would do anything to help this wounded creature. ”The hunters, they will be back.” Said the giant kangaroo. ”so you must hide me.”


Half an hour later, Gerard and the kangaroo had crept through the streets, down to the rundown shopping centre. The place where no one would ever dare to enter. The rumour that Gerard had heard was that the ghosts of the Uk milarite  haunted the building but last April Gerard went inside.

He often sat next to the only light to wright his novel. As they entered Gerard went over to his old light while the kangaroo curled up in a corner to sleep. But no matter what Gerard would not stop watching the kangaroo.


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