Chapter 2

Outside, a strike of lightning roared across the town and rain fell overhead. Granit ran through the abandoned bank desperately trying to find somewhere to hide. Old desks had collapsed, mould was on the ceiling and dust was on the chairs. To his horror, he tried to open the door; but it was locked! There was no escape.


In Front of Granit, the sketchy man stood as still as a statue with a sharp knife shining in his hand. Granits jaw dropped…


… then something growled, louder than you can imagine. Out of the blue, two red eyes emerged. It had such little fur and terrifying sharp teeth.


It was massive. Bulky and grey. Granit realised he was less than ten feet away from a Coyote. Before he knew it, the sketchy man was gone, faster than the speed of light. At that moment, Granit knew he was dead.


But then, the Coyote sat down in front of him and muttered a word, “ we need to get out of here.” Confused, Granit said ok.


Granit knew at that moment he would do anything to protect this beautiful creature. “ Soon, they will be back “ said the Coyote “ So I must find somewhere to hide.”


Half an hour later, Granit and the Coyote were running carelessly through the streets, down to the old kebab shot that nobody goes to.


Finally, Granit and the Coyote made it to the river and sat down to watch the otters. About 10 minutes later, the Coyote dozed off and Granit kept watch.


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