Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Outside, powerful scratch of lighting crackled across the sky  and the thunder was angry overhead.Inside,John stumbled through the abandoned museum,searching desperately for somewhere to lock it up.Old trees leaned at strange angles,broken crates piled  high and a throw away engine piled up separately.To his fear,he realised there was no way out,he wanted to runaway.He was going to be kidnapped.In front of him,the strange man stood illuminated in the doorway,a knife glistening in his hand.John gasped…


… but at that moment,something snarl deeper than thunder.Out of the darkness,not one but two pairs of red eyes appeared through the haunted room of death.Whatever it was, run past John and stood between him and the man.


It was huge.Huge ang grey.John realised that he was standing beside an enormous elephant.It threw back it’s big head and made noises.In that moment, the man had run.John stood to the same spot, paralised by his horror.


The elephant turned and stoop down in front of John,resting his head on John’s leg.He could see that she was damaged.A cut of red blood next to her ear.He had never been close to a huge creature before.He could smell and dirty,mouldy scent and watched as her blitz of black fur ripple across her back.


After ten minutes, her cut got healed and John felt miserably.Her ear got deeper and deeper until John’s fear began to disappear and put out his hand on her face.Until she scented John’s hand.Until she licked his hand.Her eyes began to bubbled.


John stared back, he shaked his head as if he understood.It was then she spoke.It was a rough voice that seemed from the building itself.


John gazed,his head until it vibrate.He knew everything to protect this elephant,It was a fabulous creature.Somehow, people decided to help John.The elephant said”I want everyone to find the closest gateway”.


Forty minutes later, John and the elephant had sneaked through the streets,down to the old stockroom.No one have ever entered here.Spirits  making everything move haunt people.The elephant was frightened and scared.A scary shadow in the corner of the stockroom.


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