chapter 2

Chapter 2:


Outside, rain created a swimming pool, causing a flood to flow down the streets. Inside, Lily marched through the abandoned house searching around for somewhere to hide. Old, rotting furniture stacked up, rusted metal poles struggled to hold the building up and broken bricks were everywhen you looked. To his disbelief, there was exactly no way out. He was stuck.


Beside her, a strange man, which she had never seen before, was standing there, Lily gasped… 


At that moment, something thumped. Out of nowhere, one pair of grey eyes appeared, a flash of wrinkly, grey skin and the whitest of teeth. Whatever it was stumbled past Lily and stood between her and the man.


It was massive, massive and grey. Lily realised she was standing by a huge elephant. It threw back its trunk and made a funny noise. At that moment the man had run. Lily stood frightened to the spot, paralysed by fear.


The Elephant spun around and laid down in front of Lily, resting her head  on the ground. She could see she was nervous. A flash of red ran across her side. She has never been so close to such a big, scary creature. She could smell a muddy, musty scent on her and watched a tiny fly, flew over her head.


Several minutes later, they stared silently at each other and lily felt that something was wrong, looking deeper and deeper into her eyes. Her fear began to disappear and she reached out her hand. Then the elephant licked her skin with a pink, rough, wrinkled tongue. She could see happiness but a side of sadness.


All of a sudden, she spoke in a low, dark but kind voice  that flowed its way into Lily’s ear. It was a voice of rock and grass and mud. “ Help me!” she quietly said. “We need to find the gateway.”

Lily stared in shock, nodding her head as if she understood. She just knew she was going to help this beautiful, harmless creature.” They’re coming for me,” said the elephant. “ I need to hide!”. 


Half an hour later, Lily and the Elephant strided down through the streets, down to the old farmhouse by the forest. No one ever dared to step past it. Rumour says it had ghosts that haunted the hulding. But Lily has stepped past and made an entry. She had once rested inside and sat to watch whatever was on the TV. The elephant sait in the corner all curled up. Lily kept an eye out.


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