chapter 2

Chapter 2 


Outside, rain smashed down across the entire of Brandon the sky was dark grey. Inside the scary forest Larry slipped  through the gates to the scary forest, searching for a place to hide. Trees slanted at forty five degree angles, munkjacks staring intensely and logs spread out. To his horror he noticed someone following him again. But this time they had a machete. Larry hit a brick wall and he could hear the crunches of the leaves when the man got closer .

Something screeched, all Larry saw was a white silk tail feather standing in between the man and Larry. 


The man had a petrified face upon seeing this bird,  as you cannot find this bird in the uk as it is not known to this country. “Are you ok “ said the animal “ what are you” stuttered Larry

“I’m a white peacock” said the wh with a soft voice they waited 10 minutes for Larry to calm down.


After a while, they went to an old looking building that looked like it looked in use but then it looked abandoned. They went inside of the building and inside the building looked completely different. There were vines and flowers everywhere, the prettiest type there were pink tulips.

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