Chapter 2 noemi



Outside,the lamps flickered violently as the wind caused the electricity to become damaged , the snowmen tumbled over forcefully leaving piles of dirt and slippery rivers that tempt you to try skating.

Inside,Madi hovered her feet trying not to step on anything,desperately trying to find something to hide behind.Old rusty machinery, which no longer worked,ripped -up paintings from the 60s and the smashed up windows that looked like a snake’s deep eye. To her terror, she could just figure out that there was no way free.

She was captured.


All of a sudden, behind her was a strange shadow of a lady standing still giving Madi direct eye contact, gripping on a gleaming knife in the depth of the darkness.Madi inhaled calmly but deep inside, her heart pounded as if it was going to run away.

But at that same second, something began to creep louder and louder as it slowly took steps forward with its damp claws. Not one but two agleam eyes were caught staring at Madi curiously but friendly.It was camouflaging with the darkness of the room.He came closer as if he was about to jump, Madi stood paralysed by fear, as she realised she was standing next to a jaguar. 


The jaguar moved its tail fiercely as Madi slowly turned to face the jaguar’s direction and bent down. She began to stroke it as suddenly it moved to lay down on the floor. She could see that it started getting affectionate. Its eyes started to glow more than before. It growled affectionately and cutely as Madi patted its head carefully. 


They stared intensely at each other,Madi started noticing that the jaguar was a girl.Since Madis fear faded away quickly, she held out her hand as the animal then licked it cutely, but then Madi started to wonder, Why is she here and not in the jungle?


It was then when it opened its mouth to speak, a deep cranky voice, “ help…”
Madi was confused so she looked around the room to see if anyone was there but then she got really confused because there was nobody in the room,so she got up to look around the whole building, but, the jaguar spoke again, “ No stop, it is me who spoke, i need your help they are coming”  

Madi was so shocked but since the jaguar seemed so desperate Madi had no time to stop to think, “You speak!” , she started saying “I’m sorry i never really heard an animal speak what do you need help for, who is coming?!”


“The bad people are coming, they want me in a cage. I need to get to the portal!” Madi started to nod as if she understood. She knew at that moment that she would do anything to save this special creature. Anything. “ I need to hurry up and hide before they come, but I need to get to the portal too!”

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