Chapter 2 The Creature

The robber had ran. A shot of lightning fell through the sky. what was that sound. There was nothing to be seen… or so he thought. Thiago was scared ” who. No. What, was that”” show yourself whatever you are!”


A small pause, everything went quite then a strike of lightning hit the gate outside setting fire to it, Thiago was stuck.


To his terror something was moving he couldn’t quite make out what it was then from the floor emerged a sliced eyed, slimy scaled, sharpened tongue creature.


It was nimble and flexible, ITS A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It spat some venom at the gate putting out the fire and melting down the burnt metal. Thiago stood there, frozen in fear keeping his eyes on the cold blooded reptile.


The snake turned and gave Thiago a nod. Then it lay down and rested, he could see she was hurt. A river of red gushed down the back of the snake. He had never even dreamt of being so close to such a creature. He could see a pattern of intricately placed scales along the snakes body.


It was at that moment that she said “I beg of you help me” Thiago was startled ” help me find… the protectors.” Thiago knew he had to help and agreed. He watched over it that night protecting, The Snake

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