Chapter 2-The Discovery

Chapter 2- The discovery

Outside, lightning struck across the sky like a meteor and clouds drew in bigger than a t-rex. Inside, Jake slowly walked through the abandoned building, in desperate search of a hiding spot. He then discovered a sign that said ”The gallery Museum”. A figure of a dinosaur made out of bones, ancient vases locked away in cabinets, the key holes rusting and costumes from the 1800s on display. To his horror he realised that there was no way out!


He turned around and saw a hooded figure standing in an archway, a sword in one hand and shield held up against the other. Jake panicked…


…but suddenly something roared louder than anything Jake had ever heard before. Out of the shadows two large green eyes appeared, then a pair of rounded ears and a pink nose. Whatever this creature was it leapt over Jake and the man and stood like a wall between them. 


It was ginormous. Ginormous and printed with black ********. Jake realised that he was standing in front of a leopard. It jumped like a panther and roared, fangs bearded. The man had started to sprint away. Jake stood, glued to the ground. Filled with panic and fear.


The leopard had pivoted round and was now facing Jake, she walked calmly towards him an then lay on the ground. Jake could see the she was hurt. There was a massive scar across her chest and something sharp in her paw. He had never seen a leopard up close only on the telly. He could smell the grass, dirt smell of her and watched as she cried in pain.


They looked at each other up and down and Jake felt a sudden connection, staring deeper into her eyes he could see kindness and seeking of help. His panic started to dim and he stroked her bristly fur. Then she started to nestle into him with her rough pink  nose. Her breath slowed and so did her heart beat, no more thumping. He could see a kind side to her, she wasn’t to fear.


It was then, suddenly that she blared something out. A soft, quiet voice that some how managed to echo. It was a voice of daisy’s, daffodils and dandelions. ” Could you help me?” she said slowly. ”I must find the portal.”


Jake glanced at the leopard, nodding his head gently. He knew he had to protect this creature with his life he couldn’t let anyone get a hold of her. ” They will come again.” said the leopard ”so we must leave and hide.”


Half and hour later, Jake and the leopard started to trek through the smugglers trail heading towards Fullarton woods. No one would ever dare step even a toe onto the path at Fullarton. Rumour had it that the fairy’s run the forest but not just them, the pirates that smuggled all the rum over to Dundonald and if you came face to face with them they made you walk the plank. Last autumn Jake had made an entry. He often went there to read under the oak tree. The leopard snuggled in on Jake’s lap and started to snore, she was tired. Jake kept lookout. 

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