Chapter 2 the story

Outside a sharp snap of lightning crackled across the sky and the thunder let out a cacophony of bangs and booms overhead.

Inside, Lucy skull kid through the abandoned structure observantly looking desperately  for a location to take shelter. Old vases leaned on wonky shelves, antique rusted fishing equipment stood tall in the corners , computer components layed neatly on a table. To her disgust, she could just make out that there was no exit She was cornered


Behind him (thinking she was marooned), a strange man stood, his body looked like a squid had poured ink on him he was silhouetted in the doorway- from a lightning strike- A knife shimmered in his hand.

Lucy felt a lump in her throat…


In an instance , something growled like a lawnmower. Out of the darkness not one but two eyes , parakeet green eyes which shone like an emerald with a flash of thunder. It had Black fur and the whitest of teeth whatsoever. It sprinted past lucy and stood between her and the man.


It was humongous and black . Lucy realised that he was standing beside a gigantic panther. It threw back its short shaved head and opened its mouth and growled. In that moment, the man had fled, lucy stood rooted to the spot paralysed by fear.


The panther Turned and inspected Lucy , the panther (she) was laying her strong mighty body on a pile of bagged flour (not the comfiest choice but it would do. Lucy saw that she was wounded .A gash of crimson red blood trickled out of her like an ink pack. She had never been so close to a pantheress so huge before Lucy had never really seen any animals ever. She could smell a sweet vanilla scent and watched as her pelt of gold trimmed fur looked as if it was moving, rippling across her back.


after what had seemed hours of of staring at each other lucy felt that she was intimidatingly staring at lucy, lucy felt unafraid as if her fears were dissolving away . she held out her hand to the panther . she sniffed with her nose and licked it with her rose pink rough tongue . lucy could see a flame of happiness but also a great hole tearing her apart every minute getting bigger.


It was that then she spoke A low pitched consonant voice that seemed like could make you jump off a cliff and you would do it. It was a voice of wind and water “ i need your help urgently!” she said gracefully and powerfully  “We must find the gateway!”…


Lucy stared like a zombie , her head nodding in agreement “as if she was understanding the panther” Lucy knew she would do anything to protect her “ they will be back! ” said the panther deeply and strongly , so i must hide and run from the enemy. 


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