Chapter 2-The surprise

Chapter 2- The surprise


Outside the drizzly rain was patting on the rooftops, and the grey sky was overhead.Inside, Adam was scurrying through the deserted workshop where windows had been broken by maniacs.He found himself walking past rusted crates abandoned scaffolding to also find there was rusted nails on the floor. Just when he realised…HE WAS TRAPPED


In front of him was a man, but not just an ordinary man, a dangerous man ( Who looked very similar to the beggar in the town). He had a knife in his hand gleaming in the moonlight. 


But just at that moment, something hissed, the loudest hiss he’d ever heard.A pair of red intimidating eyes popped out of the darkness, and was staring straight at the man. Paralyzed in shock he saw what it was, IT WAS A KOMODO DRAGON! It had slits for its eyes, stone coloured scales, a tail that was as powerful as a stampede. And it was PROTECTING Adam!It hissed once again for the man to back off. After 10 seconds the man with a face full of shock, fled.


The animal slowly turned back to Adam. Although the creature had intimidating eyes, its eyes expressed sadness in them. Then that was when Adam noticed a puncture in between his

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