Chapter – The Cat

Outside, The sky crackled with lightning and it struck the ground with force. Inside, Sam ran through the abandoned apartment building desperately looking for a hiding place. The floor creaked like mad, the roof was falling apart slowly and the rain dripped from the gutter. To his disbelief, he found that there was no way out. He was cornered. 


Behind him the strange man stood angrily in the doorway, the dagger shining in his sweaty hands.

Sam gasped…


… But at that moment, something hissed, louder than a lions roar. Out of the shadows emerged two green eyes, its teeth were as sharp as spikes. Whatever it was, it stepped in between Sam and the man.


Sam was paralysed with fear, the animal was so large it was blocking his view of the man. It was fluffy and brown, with ears as pointy as a pencil led. Sam’s fear disappeared as the animal growled at the man. She left a flower like scent where ever she went. The man fled from them and ran as fast as he could and as far as he could go. 


The cat turned to Sam and sat on the ground Infront of him. Sam stared at her in horror. There was a spot of red on her fur. She was bleeding terribly. The blood spread onto the ground when she sat. He had never been so close to such a large animal and had never seen one bleed so much. Sam was starstruck, he didn’t have a clue what to say to her.


They looked each other in the eyes for a moment. Sam felt she wasn’t very keen on him. He stared deeper and deeper into her big green eyes. His fear began to fade and he held out his hand. She lent over and sniffed. Then she licked it with her rough tongue. Her nose was pink and big. He could see kindness in her eyes, as well as sadness.


But then that was when she spoke. A low, but light voice. “I need your help.” She stated. “We must find the portal.”


Sam stared for a moment. He nodded his head, but in reality he didn’t understand what she was saying. He wanted to help the creature. He would do anything to protect it. “They will be back for me.” She said softly. “So I must hide.”


Twenty minutes later, Sam and the cat slid past the dead trees of the cathedral to the old workhouse that no one ever dared to enter. There were rumours about ghosts and spirits haunting this very place, but last summer Sam had made an entry and would sit there listening to the birds chirping for hours. The cat curled up on the ground and slept. Sam watched silently.

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