Lion – Chapter 2

At midnight in London Max was walking in the heavy rain with wind blowing rain in his face. He approached the abandoned workshop and took 15 minutes to pull open the big metal door. Once he did Max saw trashed walls, ripped wallpaper, chandeliers on the floor, shattered glass, bugs on plates, broken mugs , fallen doors, jagged chunks of wall missing, loose bricks, fallen lights, ripped books, roof tiles on the top floor, holes in the roof like someone fell from great height, chunks of glass and half of many mirrors. Max felt like he was about to scream, his legs were shaking, Max’s hart was trying to  keep on pumping oxygenated blood Max trying not to scream… but he did. He saw a weird shaped shadow, a circle head. A fierce but painful growl from behind and suddenly a growl. The beast was hurt.

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