Mysterious shop

Outside , the gloomy ,  dark clouds were filled with rain which made Ahmet shiver knowing he would have to go out there soon. Inside , Ahmet looked around the abandoned shop for a hiding spot incase something serious happens . Rusted poles stacked high , tools lay scattered across the bare floor and wooden planks attached to the windows. To his shock, he realised he was stuck . Trapped in this nightmare.


Behind him , the two strange men bursted in the door way , a shiny gun with blood appeared in one of the mens hand . Ahmet inhaled with fear…


…but at that moment , something hissed , louder than thunder . Out of the darkness , not one but two eyes appeared ; a flash of green and the cleanest pair of fangs .Whatever it was , slithered past Ahmet and stood between him and the two men . 


It was long . Long and green. Ahmet realised that he was standing beside an irritated cobra . It threw its colourful head back and hissed . In that moment the two men had fled . Ahmet stood frozen to the spot , paralized by fear. 


The cobra turned and slithered in front of Ahmet , resting his head on the ground . Ahmet could see that he was wounded .  A gash of red ran across his side . Ahmet had never been so close to such and aggressive creature before . Ahmet could smell and earthy , musty scent and watched as his green scales slowly turned red across his back.


They started intently at each other and Ahmet felt that he was trusted by the cobra .  Ahmet’s fear began to fade and he held out his hand . The cobra leaned his head forwards and inspected Ahmet’s hand to build his trust . The cobra slowly placed is head on Ahmet’s hand . His eyes sizzled as if they were on fire . He could see kindness but also a well of sadness.


It was then that the animal spoke . It was a voice of rock , wind and mud . “I need your help now,” he slowly muttered , “We must find the gateway.”


Ahmet stared back , his head nodding as if he understood . He knew in that moment he would do anything to protect this long , beautiful creature . Anything . “They will b back,” the cobra vocalised ,”so I must hide.”


A few moments later ,  Ahmet and the cobra had slunk through the streets , down to River little ouse . No one ever dared to venture there . Ahmet often sat on the grass watching birds flash across the water’s edge . The cobra curled up next to a tree and slept . Ahmet kept watch .

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