7:00 AM- Outside, a raged of claws. Lighting was CHARGING every minute, powers of light reached across the steamy dark sky and thunder growled overhead. All of a sudden a whole loads of dash rain dropped. Outside, we tried to find a house or a building to hide, we kept searching and searching in till  we found an abandoned building. It was just me, and there was a lot of shadows out of nowhere. I was desperately in fear, but there was nothing else here just the broken house. Just at the point  I went in because there was nowhere to hide. Inside, When we in there was rocking chairs, cracked walls and cobwebs everywhere, I was feeling terrified but I had to hide. I kept walking and walking,*Thinking*- about what was going to happen to me and if this was a good idea.*feeling* cold and unsafe. I walked and walked after that, I notices that there was NO ESCAPE

I WAS TRAPPED I was feeling fearless and crushed. I went back and I think that’s was not a good idea because there was still no escape than, I saw a shadow it was massive and had pointy claws that was about to scratch me, I had ran out of luck now. When I turned forward I saw dark red eyes appeared in the darkest and had black with red BLOODY fur, and had EIGHT LEGS on each side AND IT WAS A SPIDER!!!

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