The adventure chapter 2

Outside,the wind howled and swerved,it became really strong ;it caused the house to have a cave in.Panicked,Noah rushed to find a place to hide.Inside,there was nowhere to go.When he looked up he could see a chandelier swinging back and forth,he looked to his right and saw a rusty fireplace,beside it was a stack of bricks.To his horror ,the door closed.BANG!He was trapped in.


Behind him,the strange bloke stood illuminated in the doorway,the tip of the blade showing in the man’s pocket.Noah gasped…


…But at that moment,something growled,deeper than thunder.Out of nowhere ,not one but two blue eyes took shape,a flash of white ,then he saw four rough paws.Whatever it was,burst past Noah. “what was that?”he muttered.It stood between him and the bloke.


It was huge.Huge and white.Then he realised that he was standing next to a giant threw back it’s head and howled.At that moment ,the bloke had fled.Noah stood rooted to the spot,paralysed by terror.


The wolf turned and looked down at Noah,resting her head on the side.he saw that she was wounded.a gash of red ran across her side.He had never been so close to a huge creature before.He could smell an earthy smell,musty scent and watched as her pelt of white fur rippled across her back.


They stared intently at each other and Noah felt that she was sizing him up,seeing deeper into his very being.But,his horror began to fade and then he held out his hand,she leaned her head forward and sniffed.Then she licked his nose with her red rough tongue.Her eyes sizzled as if heated by fire.He could see kindness in her and also sadness.


It was then she spoke.A low,gravelly voice that seemed to spring from the ground itself.It was a voice of rock and wind and mud.”I Need your help now,”she said slowly.”We must find the gateway.”


Noah stared back,his head bobbing as if he understood.He knew at that moment that he would have to protect this huge,beautiful soul.Anything? “They are coming back, we must hide.”


Thirty minutes later,Noah and the wolf had slunk  through the alleyways.Down to the old warehouse by crown street.No one ever dared to venture into the haunted building which was haunted by the monk’s. Thet last summer Noah handmade an entry.He often sat inside watching kingfishers flash across the water’s edge.The wolf culled up in a dark corner and slept.While Noah kept watch.

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