The Beast of Light and Dark

Thunder and raindrops were pouring down as Adam walked to a eerie abandoned building with servile scratch marks on the walls with broken windows and a broken down door. But with no concerns whatsoever Addam entered and the first thing he saw were torn pages from a book. But Addam ignored it and went on walking. Addam felt a shiver down his spine so then he ran then he smelled something it was raw meat and it was pungent so Addam covered his nose and ran on. Addam tripped into a pile of bones and ash and with some wall markes covered with dust Addam wiped the dust of and it said “beware of the beast of the light and dark” So then Addam heart dropped but he was curious what was the beast of the dark and light? So as he walked on he froze and fell to the ground Addam felt like he was being watched so then he locked behind himself but nothing was there so he continued running on but he heard a howl that made Addam jump and he fell on broken glass but he felt no pain whatsoever he was surprised but he screamed.Addam stumbled on until he fell down stairs but he found a drawing of two wolves clashing and it said “the beast of the light and dark” “could it be” Adam said. Those were the wolves light and dark beaming to the two but Addam saw a hand hole so Addam placed his hand on it and it sent a shockwave so strong that it sent Addam flying. A secret door opened and Adam went down the eerie stairs and he saw two bunkers ladled dark and light and it said the judgement room then a mix of dark and light wolf appeared and it will judge Adam to deem worthy or not it Adam was worthy he would enter the light room if he was not worthy he would enter the dark room he would need to complete a set of questions and an obstacle course if he answered the questions wrong he is not worthy lucky for Addam he was worthy so he entered the light room and he saw a ball of light and when he grabbed it he now had a helpful companion a fox it would help him complete all the trials and get to the light wolf and the dark wolf to obtain peace to the world and light and dark. With one howl the fox breaks Down the wall a trace of light a mighty foe appears an Lion made of darkness and with red eyes and sword sharp teeth but the fox jumps in with a scratch attack and the fox grew in size and in speed and in strength the duo proceeds through

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