Chapter 3

Sam woke with a start; The cat kept sleeping. From outside, he could hear loud voices. Peering through the doorway, he could just make out an army of guards trying to break into the apartment. Sam tapped the cat awake. She lay staring at him with her big green eyes. Sam put his finger on his lips as a sign to be quiet. Angry voices roared commands. The cat let out a long hiss; Sam gulped.


They creeped across the powdery floor, Sam beckoned the cat to follow him. Silently, She crept towards him. Kneeling down, they hid behind a pile of barrels. Sam tugged a tarpaulin over the barrels so they couldn’t be found.


At that moment, somebody barged into the apartment. There was a small pause, a sense of someone listening into the sounds of the creaking floor boards. Torches shined in the darkness; footsteps tapped; The guards began to search. Risking a glance, The shadows shifted. A blowing, hard wind entered the building. Sam shuddered, he cuddled into the warmth of the cats soft fur. They would wait this out and could move away when they left.


It seemed like years but it had only been at least an hour by the time they left. It was night now, in the darkness, the cat spoke to Sam… without making a noise. It was like their minds were connected somehow. She explained how they had to find the portal. A portal back to her own world where no one would dare to hunt her.


Sam had an idea that maybe the portal was located inside the town walls where there was stone archways that looked portal shaped. But they were covered with a metal gate. No one ever dared to touch. People said it was electric. Nervously, he checked her wound. It was still bleeding, badly; she seemed weaker. The town wall would be a extensive walk… and it would be very dangerous. He wondered if they would make it there alive.


Sam knew his family would be worried but there was nothing to do about that. He had to find the portal so the cat could be safe. The boy and the cat crept through the alleyways, behind building and over bridges. It was like a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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