chapter 3

Jay woke with a yawn; the Scottish wild cat slept on layers of cardboard boxes

Next to a pallet he could hear voices getting closer to the warehouse and then people peering through a gap in the window jay notices it was a group of guards trying to break into the warehouse. Jay shook the cat awake he lays in the darkness and stared up at him.


Crawling as fast as I can over the dust cracked floor jay whispered to the cat silently he

Was calling the cat to come behind the old timber machines cautiously jay tugged a tarp over the timber machine so they cant find us.


At that moment someone entered the warehouse. There was a stop of the footsteps

Jay knew they were listening for breathing to happen as the flashlights beam crossed over the timber machine and its dark again the guard’s started to search risking a peer he seen four shadows lifting and moving things and then jay hugged the wild cats fur they could wait this out and move when the guards had gone.


It felt like an hour but in reality it was only 15 minutes by the time the guard’s left. It was already night time now and its in the darkness the cat spoke to jay without speaking their minds seemed almost as one as he explained the he had to reach a gate way back to his own world where she would not be hunted down.


Jay had an idea that perhaps the gateway was part of the town walls where stone arches that once had been fitted with a metal gate. Anxiously he checked his wound. It

Still bled he seemed weaker. The town walls would be a long way…and dangers

He wondered  whether they would make it.


Jay knew that his mom and dad would be worried but there was nothing he could do about that. He had to find a the gateway before he could think about getting home and to see his mom and dad so it was that only the moon and stars saw two skinny slim shadows a boy and a cat slip through the alleyways heading across town. Hey made their way street by street avoiding the checkpoints locked in a deadly game of cat vs guards. 

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