Chapter 3

Chapter 3 

James woke with a start; he could hear loud voices. Peering around the wall, he could just make out that a group of guards were trying to make their way into the building. James nudged the tiger awake. She looked up at him with her loving stare. He put his finger up to his lip. Low voices roared intrusions; the tiger let out a deep growled; James gulped.


Crawling across the dirty floor, James gave a signal to the tiger. Quietly, strolled over to him. Huddled, they hid be hide a tower of rusting creates. Wary, James throw a blanket over them, hoping no one would find them.


At that moment, a window opened and the floor creaked.  There was a dramatic silence, the sense of someone listening. Not daring to move, he could hear that the guards have began there search. Hardly daring to breath, James risked a glance. He could see dark shadows and  felt a sharp gash of fresh air. Shivering, he snuggled into the warmth of the tigers soft fur.

They would wait this out. 


It seemed that the guards had been there for hours, but in reality it had only been 20minutes. It was night-time now and all was dark. It was then the tiger spoke…. without speaking. It was like their minds were connected. She explained that there was a gateway that she needed to get to. A gateway back to her home.


James had an idea that the gateway was up on the Ballast-Bank. Feeling uneasy, James checked her wound. It was still bleeding; she was getting weaker. The walk to the Ballast-Bank would take a long time…… and it would be dangerous. He was wondering if they could make it or not.


James knew that his family would be worried but he had to help the tiger. He had to find the gateway before going home. So it was only the moon and the stars that saw the shadows of him and the wolf. Thay slipped through the alley-ways and headed across the beach. Their made their way through the rocks and past the sea, Avoiding checkmarks, like a deadly game of tig.

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