chapter 3

Outside, a fog appeared across the sky and thunder roared, Alex walked through the building  looking for a spot to hide.


Behind Alex, the man stood there he had a weapon, a shattered glass in his hand, Alex was shocked…


…at the time, something roared louder than a storm  out of the dark, a little fire coming out of something’s mouth. It was between the man and Alex.


It was really big. Alex just saw a glance of a dragon. He never saw  something like this then a fire burst out of its mouth and the man ran. He was too scared to fight it.


The dragon turned to Alex. The dragon spoke. “We need to find the exit” he groaned. He seemed really tired from it’s wound. There were arrows on its back and a splat of blood was on its back. He looked closely at the dragon and felt warm,he could feel trust in the dragon.


Them two began to trust each other Alex felt calmer. His fear was gone now he felt kindness in the dragon and was no longer scared.


5 minutes later, Alex and the dragon were at the  building he was staying there because he did not want the dragon to get caught. Alex was keeping guard so no one would see the dragon.

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