Chapter three

Hanzo woke up with a fright; the dragon kept on sleeping. From a crack in the wall he could hear muffled voices and motorbikes there were a group of bounty hunters and they were trying to brake in the memorial Hanzo tapped on the dragons body. Only one head turned the bright green eyes staired at him. He shushed the dragon to make shore that it would be quiet heavy voices shouted out; the dragon let out a loud snarl.


Crouching down and moving around, Hanzo told the Dragon the coast was clear. Quietly the dragon glided over to him. Now crawling down to a pile of old bricks . Cautiously pulled over some flower to ensure maximum safety.


At that moment, the door was busted down and a shadow entered the memorial. There was a moment of silence, a sense that someone was lessoning, lights cut the darkness in two; footsteps thumped; the bounty hunters began the search. Risking being been seen, dark shadows formed. A spring breeze swept through the opened door and gapes. They had to wait this one out.


It seemed like minutes had gone by, but in reality it was only seconds it would probably half an hour before the bounty hunters will leave. And it was getting late and dark but the dragon spoke to Hanzo … but it was not speaking. It was almost as if they could hear each others thought she explained that if she could reach the gateway she would be safe there.


Hanzo had an idea maybe it’s the worshiping ground there is an arch in the middle of the room and a statue of two dragons. Carefully he checked her wounds. It was still bleeding; she was getting weaker. The worshiping grounds he wondered if they would make it.


Hanzo new that his grandparents would be worried sick but he could not change anything about that he could not thinking about getting home. It was only the sunset and the moon rising and a couple of stars speckled around they had to slip through every creak and craves not be seen.

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