Chapter 3

Granit and the coyote walking to the gateway. Finally, they made it to the gateway  “ about time”, said Granit “ “tell me about it “ replied the coyote and the coyote were walking to the gateway. Out of breath, Granit said to the coyote “ It’s ok, we’re almost there,” the coyote replied, “ good I hope so. “


Then, Granit had an uneasy feeling that someone was listening to him and the coyote. Then, Granit stopped and he heard the guards talking to each other.


Torch lights pushed away the darkness; the guards were looking for them. Granit and the coyote sat down with their hearts beating in shock.


Freezing, he put his arm around the coyote and said, “ don’t worry, It’s going to be ok.”  The coyote replied, “ I hope so.” As soon as the guards left, Granit and the coyote stood up and said to each other,

“ few, that was a close one, but we need to be more careful, or we might get caught by the guards.”


After that, they continued walking to the gateway. Finally, they had made it to the gateway. “ About time,” said Granit. “ Tell me about it “ replied the coyote


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