Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Suddenly,somebody creeped through the door of the stockroom.The elephant woke up and started waking up John.He was still in the same spot(which has smelly food).

He could  hear a whisper.Bunch of soldiers with flashlights were outside looking through the window.


Behind him,he spotted old broken crates.He set a fake hiding place with a fake voice to distract the soldiers while he was doing that,a soldier appeared and started getting John but the elephant stopped him.The soldier pulled out a poison dagger and stabbed the elephant’s ear to make him sleepy.Sadly,the elephant started losing his voice like a shouting man screaming at someone.A flame of fire cut through the darkness;large footsteps stomped.


John saw a creepy shadow switched with another and felt a rustle of wind blowing his face(Quickly as a race car).Shivering,he touched the elephant’s other ear to stay warm like a hot sun.


Sneaking through the soldiers,Hide in a bush. Put a fake person so the soldiers think it was him.They decided to wait until they were done searching the whole entire stockroom.


Because they want to see if John is anywhere around this messy stockroom.


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