Chapter 3

Abruptly ,Jay awoke from his slumber;the Barn Owl slept on,he could silent whispers and murmurs coming from outside peering through the dusty window.He could just make out a group of guards,Jay had nudged the Owl awake forcefully,the Owl stared up at him with beady,black shining eyes.Jay pursed his finger against his lips(to suggest they need to be quiet.).


Scurrying across the dusty old floor boards across to the cupboard and immediately shut him and the Owl inside the cupboard,that was black with age.He quietly opened to take a peek if anyone had come in.

“The coast is clear…” ”…for now.”Jay said

The Barn Owl struggling to breath being crowded in a corner.


Without a single noise,strange figures crept into the warehouse as the door slowly creaked open.Silence had flooded the room;no existing thing moved not even the wind.Lights of torches abused the darkness;whatever group of people started moving;someone had started to search.Taking a peek,Jay saw huge shadows repositioning and felt an icy feeling gush through the open door.Chattering his teeth,he huddled next to the cloudy,feathery warmth of the Barn Owl.They patiently waited until the guards had left.


The Owl whispered to Jay

“We need to find the gateway!”

Jay hadn’t known what the wise Owl was talking about at all

“Think of your favourite place in the world.”the Owl hinted.

Jay immediately thought of the park round the block that he used to go to when he was little though he didn’t know what to do he could see the light of the torches through the small hole in the door of the cupboard.


Jay had a mix of feelings desperateness and confusion,he quickly grabs the Owl and bursts out the door of the cupboard and startles the guards and one yelled at Jay

“Come back here you cockroach of a foreigner!”

Though Jay just continued to run and run as fast as a cheetah off into the distance carrying the Owl like a rugby ball.

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