Chapter 3

Chapter 3 


Around 9:00 am Timmy stretched as he woke up. Immediately, he felt the fluffy fur of the rat. Relieved that they were not caught he let out a sigh.


Creek! Someone was in the building. He could hear the creaking of the floorboards and footsteps getting closer.Because they didn’t want to get caught, Timmy and the rat crawled to a better hiding spot (which was near the benches.) 


Smash! Someone smashed the window. Silence struck for 2 seconds. Then Bang! People were destroying the building. In that instant a beam of light, which fluttered as they turned on the torch, blinded Timmy. Crossing his fingers, Timmy lifted up his head to a cool breeze on his hair. Shivering, he cuddled the rat’s fluffy, warm and soft fur to heat him up. Crack! They were getting closer! They laid as still and as silent as a rock; luckily they didn’t get caught.

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