chapter 3

Chapter 3


In an instant, they heard footsteps.Then silence drew in. Larry built up the confidence and shaking he peeked and saw a face scanning around, like he was trying to listen to something .rays of light flashed overhead, slashing the darkness; crates crashed down. The guards were definitely looking for them. Larry looked again and he saw vantablack shadows creeping, Larry got chills down his spine.


Shaking,he latched onto Snow’s torso in an attempt to calm his anxiety. Because the guard was looking for them he knew they’d have to attempt to move hiding spots. They found a crate they both got in, they fell asleep a few hours later, Larry woke up, he checked the coast was clear, it was clear he woke snow up. All they could hear was cars driving by.


They went outside the building. They saw a faint glow of gold, exactly above the town hall, they started their journey to the town, (which would take a long time).

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