Chapter 3

Waking up in a jerk ,she herd a noise ; the panther was startled awake as she awoke. They inspected the strange area; Old storage containers and rusted car Components scraped on the floor. A guard sprinted in checking every Direction 12 9 3 6 8 o’clock everywhere in the room!
Luckily they crouched under a piece of a car door,which was half decayed and rusted,Would they get found ?

“Pst should we move”, said lucy silent like a mouse .”patience “ replied the panther .
Lucy told the panther where to move .

The hiding place

Strangely the guard ran out possibly because of a loud bang outside the room, it didn’t make sense why did he run out?
Anxiously , Lucy said, “ I think I know to hide. There is a storage crate over it looks part open let’s go!”
The panther replied, “Excellent idea .”

At that moment , a bang made hairs stand up on Lucy’s back . there was was a stop to time , it was silent, A feeling of somebody skulking around outside stuck in the air
The air felt thicker . Torch shards shot the darkness away.

Risking it all about to glance at two ,silhouetted bodies chatting about 1 metre away from the crate Lucy shuttered back into the Panther’s fur coat .
Could they wait it out? Lucy needed to take a breath.

An idea struck Lucy’s head: the oldest in town had to be there .
Lucy woke the panther and explained what her plan was and where it was .
The panther shot up and then slumped down, the guards were still there. What could they possibly do? That’s where the panther came in…

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