chapter 3

Mike Woke up behind the wooden pallets, he was cold, itchy, and tired. He looked at the hyena, he was still sleeping. Mike nudged him to wake up. The hyena woke up, he stood up and went to get a drink from the creek they moved up to the second storey.


Mike spotted metal stairs. Mike and the hyena went up the stairs carefully as the stairs were rusty. At the next storey, Mike made a hiding spot from wooden crates and hid behind them.


At that moment, someone came into the warehouse. There was no sound, a feeling of someone listening. A laser of light in the darkness, the search began.Mike looked from behind the creates, he saw five guards searching, his hands were shaking. Still shaking he cuddled into the heat of the hyenas fur. They could hide until the guards were gone and then move after.


Then Mike knew where the gateway (which the hyena needs to get to) was. He said its at the St Peters Church in the basement near the leisure centre. He knew it was because it was old.


They left the warehouse and walked along the river, plus minutes later they got to the leisure centre and went past it. They then crossed the road, went into the graveyard and entered the church.

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