Chapter 3 HIDE & SEEK

Muhammad was very tired having to keep watch; the Lion didn’t wake up. Outside, there was talking. Inside, were shadows of 4 big people with AK47s and reloading. He knew it was the military and needed to do something. Muhammad tapped the lion and put his arm out saying sshh and wait; the Lions claws were sharp and ready. There was a leader chatting to the people; the Lion roared silently; Muhammad pulled out his inhaler.


Tiptoeing to the back getting his shoes dirty, Muhammad stopped and put his arm out. Carefully, they hid in a dirty, dusty and old closet putting some stinky clothes on themselves. Now if they opened the closet they would see a pile of clothes they thought.


At that moment, the door fell, it was as loud as a bird tweeting. They! Were! In! There was a silent second of somebody being so nosy. Flash lights took over from the shadow ; boots stomping ; the military had started this game. Putting his eye in the little gap at the front he quickly looked back. Muhammad was tired and fell safely on the Lions soft fur. They were going to be in the closet for a long time.


45 minutes later the guards left. It was morning now and, a new day, the Lion mouthed to Muhammad. Now he has just remembered he had to get back to the upsidedown. A place to get the Lion back to his family where she is safe.


Muhammad might just have known what to do. Maybe the upsidown is upsidown and to get there you need to go to the 10th tree in Seenary forest and enter it. He checked his wound and was still not better and was very weak. The Seenary forest would be miles away tho. He didn’t know if he would get there. 


Muhammad also needed to get home but that he could not change. He had to get to the upsidown. Only the sun could see the 2 figures, a young boy and a Lion strolling around. They were crossing the road avoiding shops, trapped in a game of chess.

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