Chapter-3 on the run

Chapter-3 on the run.


Tara awoke with a thud, beside her a flesh-eater laid there. Outside, loud voices echoed down the alley way. They had found them. Taking a life-risking peak to see a barely visible group of shadows on the wall pacing the entrance to the warehouse. Tara shook the panther until it awoke. It lay in shadows, a tired face looked up at her. Tara swiftly placed her finger on her mouth to sign that it needed to be quiet. Dark voices spat commands. The panther yawned deathly. Tara gasped.


Army crawling across the creaky floor boards Tara begged the panther. Soundlessly, it scurried under a pile of rubble she urged to cough. Awarely, Tara stacked crumbling excess bricks at where they entered so no one or something could capture them.


All of a sudden, something entered the warehouse. The dreadful silence gave the panther a shock- which its eyes widened- someone was listening. Torch rays uplifted the feel of a dead lonely room; loud voices argued; the search had begun. Taking a look, large angry shadows searched the area. A quick cold wind made Tara shiver, she tried to smear her face in the panther’s fur, but it was too skinny.They might have to wait it out until the guards or whatever it was left.


Because the guards had not left, it felt like hours until they left.

It was now dark-out, in the darkness of the room, the panther opened its jaw and spoke to Tara… but it didn’t speak but clashed minds with Tara. It explained that it needed to get  to the gateway back to its world where hunters wouldn’t search.

Tara had a brief vision where abouts the gateway was part of the town’s place of Christ where short stone walls but many graves are set. Reluctantly, looked at the panther’s wound it still poured blood ( Which it seemed closer to death than an 80 year old man). It would be a longer walk as the checkpoints needed to be avoided… but life-risking. Would the panther make it was the question. 


Tara knew deep down that her family would be worried there was still no way for me to help. The gateway was the main priority not going home. So it was the buildings, the trees and the pitch black sky who watched a young girl and a panther take every alleyway possible to get to the gateway. This was going to be a longer journey than they thought. They went street by street, avoiding checkpoints the game had begun.

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