chapter 3 riley forest academy


Chapter 3


Bob woke with a start and heard the loud bang’s of a door being kicked “1 2 3.” “kick!” something said,before the makeshift door,that the panther and bob had made last night out of boredom, (surprisingly the soldiers needed 3 hits to bust the door)


As Bob shook the panther the things broke in,the panther woke and suddenly whispered “i will hide in the shadows.” “You hide” she said discreetly,Bob found a box, opened the lid and climbed inside. 30 minutes had passed but it felt like hours. 


Bob looked out of the box seeing something, perhaps an animal was that what  he saw was terrifying and unable to describe its horror. Bob shrank back into the box.


Soon the things left bob exited the box while the panther dropped from the ceiling.


Bob soon realised what was going on he realised he knew that the gateway was at a building not so far away,the boy and the panther left the bridge slowly making their way to a gateway.

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