Chapter 3 – Snake

“Hello?”asked this unidentified creature, Adam instantly woke.

“You can talk?”replied Adam in amazement .

“Yes inde-,”Suddenly the sound of glass crashed on the floor board like  someone was breaking in; an enemy. Adam knew it was bad, like the unknown man snitched on them. He heard cracking in the distant hallways, someone was hunting this mythical beast. By now many bad thoughts rose, higher and higher. Adam silently searched around the room, until, a powerful sound of a drilling machine rang their ears and was tearing into the ancient walls. At that moment, suddenly Adam stopped,

“What’s wrong?” asked the mythical creature.

“They’re coming, fast,”the distance sound of footsteps and loud drilling came closer and closer.Shuddering, clicks of something like a flashlight came closer, or the rain. Adam couldn’t even comprehend anything, he was just afraid of what was in the hallways. Without warning the unknown group all went quiet, Adam was confused.

“Nothing here,” shouted a man in the distance, Adam sighed, he felt a moment of relief.

“We’re safe for n-,”a crash of sound rattled into the walls, they were coming their way! He knew, they had to hide, so quietly and cautiously they ventured through the worn out building. Slowly, they creped along the damp floor boards. A slash of light struck the ground, the outraged storm towered over them blocking out the moonlight and the howling wind banged on the helpless windows. Darkness sliced the light making the torches to nothing, the floor filled with dust the floor had collected and broken wooden crates lay scattered on top of each other, scattered on the dirty floor. Adam started to panic, nowhere to hide, his breathing was deep and rapid, heart pounding, shivering, he quietly sprinted across the room in terror as quick as he could to try and find a hiding spot. After searching around and around, he found it, Behind some crates stacked on top of each other. Quickly, they dashed to safety, just in time. The group entered the room and searched with their flashlights. Adam held his breath, not daring to breathe until the guards left.

“By the way, my name is Snake,”whispered Snake. Adam nodded his head, they had to wait this out. After what seemed like long, boring hours but was probably a couple of minutes, Adam took a deep breathe and risked a glance, the coast was clear… for now. The raging storm disappeared but left traces of the furious wind, evil fog trapped people in their houses and wind sliced through the air.

“We’ve got to go, they will be back any second,”whispered Adam. There was no response, silence, Snake just gazed at him. Snake’s golden, fiery eyes reached into his souls and sent him a message. Moments later, he received the message and knew he had to locate the gateway. The gateway would save him and Snake would turn into an immortal, travelling different worlds. Adam knew he had to help him because he couldn’t do it himself. Without warning, Adam checked Snake’s pulse, it was poor, he had trouble breathing and he was very weak and the blood from his wound was seeping out. They had no choice but to locate the gateway. At once, they decided to leave the safest place which had turned into the most dangerous place. They dashed across the gloomy alleys while being as silent as a ghost. The huge moon was gleaming above them, like a shiny ball. Roads were empty like a cup of air. The colossal buildings lights turning off, slowly. One by one. They continued their journey, until, a checkpoint was in their way , it had guards, if they saw them bad thing might happen. In an instant, Adam searched around the checkpoint and the Snake followed after. Adam found another route and avoided the guards. Would they be caught or will they succeed in their mission?

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