chapter 3 : The hide

Chapter 3: The hide 


Suddenly, waking up tucked up against the lynx, Friday realised she was still in the bin ( hints the smell).Friday hands were  pale and blue and she was shivering like crazy , so she woke up the lynx and told her they needed to go. They needed to find a safe  place to go as someone could spot them and the lynx could get taken away.After thinking for a while , they settled on going to a shed in a field


.Just as they were about to go, they heard shouting and loud boot sounds coming their way so they had no choice but to stay in the bin and hope for the best . Ten minutes later , the lynx lifted its head up and head ears shot up from the noise of Friday opening the lid of the bin. The lynx got up and helped  Friday get out – as the bin was huge-  


Once they were out Friday had a sudden idea of where the gateway could be. They went to the small witch hut in the close park – Brandon country park- on their way it was beginning to get dark and it just so happened that they were passing the shed they were planning on staying at so they walked over to the shed and set up camp. The shed was wet and damp but it had a mossy floor so it was comfortable to lay on at least.


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