Chapter 3: The Location

Chapter 3: The location

Henry arised in a startled manner; the rhino was still in her slumber. Outside, the sound of voices filled the air. As there were many tiny cracks in the walls, Henry looked out of the largest one, he could distinctly work out the shape of someone. Henry pinched the Rhinos leg lightly. It woke up. Light rays shone into the Rhino’s eyes. Henry signalled to her to not make a noise.


Hoarse voices yelled at the door; the rhino bashed her horn on the wall. Henry gulped.


Seconds later, they were both on their hands and knees, crawling to a better hiding spot. The worried Henry and even more scared Rhino were desperately breaking open a hatch on the ground. Crates and chairs, which were rusting, crashed down, locking them in the hatch.


All of a sudden, the rusted door was bashed down and footsteps filled the room. Brightness shone through the hatches. With his teeth chattering and hands over his nose because of the stench, the guards stood right above the hatch. Suspense grew as the guard stood right above them. The ground above was crumbling.


After what seemed like a decade, the room was silent, So they opened the hatch with all of their might. Although under all the pressure, the hatch just crumbled on them.


Although Henry knew where the gateway was, the Rhino did not. It was at the ancient train station, the station had a mouldy oak door with huge steel bolts. Although Henry knew that his family would be at the at the train opening. This scared Henry because he wasn’t meant to be out, although he knew it would be the right thing to do. The Rhino-who could not stop fidgeting-was already out of the door.

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