Chapter 3 – The mysterious church

Chapter 3 – The mysterious church


After a while, Louis noticed that the polar bear had awoken from its deep slumber. But they both decided to go to a new hiding spot in the same area.


Soon after, they moved to a better hiding spot, while they were travelling to the other side of the bridge they heard something weird, it was a bark. Then the polar said to get across so they ran; Louis sprinted as if there were wings on his feet. Whoever or whatever it was it wouldn’t suspect them to be there. They hopped down and rested.


Suddenly, someone was going down the hill from where the polar bear and Louis came from. There was no noise for a second, – the barking was now gone – echoes shrieked; whoever it was they were searching for something. Having a sneaky peek, Louis saw silhouettes, with jet-black clothes on. Because the someone was near, he became so scared that he clenched on the polar bear’s fur. Louis was still scared, but tired so he sat by the polar bear and rested.


The polar bear whispered to him “I need to find the gateway, have you seen it?”

Louis honestly didn’t know what they were talking about. But Louis always felt something weird around the church, so he suggested it and the polar bear agreed with his idea.


Eventually, the person left and they both got out of the hiding place and snuck back across the bridge and swiftly, snakily made their way to the ancient, slowly crumbling church, it felt like a really long way; but it was only down church road. Which was about 20 minutes to normally walk there, but about an hour to get there sneaking and staying out of people’s sight. So they started to go and hopefully they made it without any trouble or anyone noticing them.


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