Charlotte and the Mystery chapter 3

Charlotte woke. She was confused as to what was going on. It eventually came to her that she was still in the hiding space. She could just about assemble a noise coming from the cracks in the noor.


Charlotte swiftly budged out of her spot and changed to a different one. The girl had a big mission. She needed to find the gateway. 


Within a blink of an eye, someone entered the garage…

Everything went quiet, a sense of something lurking in the shadows. Light sliced the darkness, tip toes echoed; they began to explore. Charlotte looked around and discovered a shadow. “What is this!” , bellowed Charlotte. She was determined to figure this all out. Charlotte had goosebumps. She shuddered. Something dashed before her eyes. It was tall and black. They decided they would wait until the guards are gone. 


All of a sudden, it clicked to Charlotte that she knew exactly where the gateway was. She just had to get there. Charlotte was heading to High Lodge. 


She rose and left to High Lodge. She knew she couldn’t stop now. The journey had a lot of twists and turns but she eventually made it.

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