Max woke up with a shock

Max woke up with a shock, he could hear loud noises coming from outside. Suddenly, Max heard the creaky floor boards, someone had entered the garage. Max started bawling, it had awaken Jaguar.


Max and Jaguar were heading towards the exit. There was silence, somebody was observing them. Panting, they made it out ; they ran to the mucky, abandoned Mr G’s. Risking a glance, Max looked behind his shoulder, he felt scared and awkward. 


A torch split the darkness in half ; loud echoes were heard through the silence. Max and Jaguar quickly ran inside. “Phew!” Max said, wiping his forehead. They hid in a cupboard under the stairs in the kitchen ; the guards started to search. Inside, sauces and chunks of food lay on the floor. Outside, guards searched hurriedly and wind blew aggressively.


Suddenly it popped into Max’s head, “The Nunnery Lakes,the gateway it’s at Nunnery Lakes!” Max and Jaguar had the opportunity to get to the gateway. Noticing a shadow, Max glanced up ; he felt a cold, winter breeze approach him.


Stressed, Max checked Jaguar’s wound. It was still bleeding ; she seemed weaker. To get to the Nunnery Lakes would be a long dangerous walk for Jaguar with her injury and the guards searching for them. Shivering, Max cuddled up with Jaguar, he started to think. How do you think they’re going to get to Nunnery Lakes? 


In a flash, Max and Jaguar got up and ran to the gateway, avoiding checkpoints.

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