It was midnight , and Charlie woke up .Then he  realised that he was  still in his hiding spot;He looked around  the busted out in fear because he forgot he was near a panther .So he tried to go to sleep but he couldn’t so he just lay with the panther.


Just then he moves to a warmer spot ,he goes to a corner and says to the panther “come on move !”But the panther stayed  there and made Charlie lifted and take the black;fluffy creature.The panther (which is the only one ) was very lazy .


Suddenly someone burst through the door of the building .There was silence murder through  the rooms so he kept quite.Torches blazed through the window ;footsteps echoing in the dark; guards searched for them ,Risking it all ,he saw a figure standing in the dark and felt sharp pain in his body as they searched ….Scared ,he manoeuvred closer to the panther”anybody here?” The guard said he layed in the panther’s fur getting warmer and to camouflage . They waited out patiently till they went .


The gateway  is underground in a bunker. He said to the panther we must go.They are going to find us sooner or later so we need to go. The panther said “ok” so they went to it and got closer and closer.


So they all went to it ,they were trying not to get seen by people  nearby so the got there hoping no one saw them . They went to the exact place and found it and they were all happy!

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