The Abandoned Amusement Park

Hardly daring to breathe, Max walked into the abandoned amusement park. As she stepped in, all of the rides come on and all of the dead people ho was trapped   in the park for trillions of years. Petrified,she ran behind a ride and ducked down so she did not get trapped.Slowly she started to walk away from the ride but when she did the person who killed all of the people she was trying to hide but he found her and the man had a knife and the man was  putting the knife on her neck Max was trying to escape  she got cut badly but she escaped.Shacking,Max was so scared she kept on running and she was out of breath she was lost she could not get out.Behind, her the man was still chasing her her heart thumped.In front of her all of the rides was blocking her way.Something was wrong.


At that moment,someone else walked in the amusement park dressed in all black trying to hide from Max making signals to the other man  who was chasing her. The sun rised making it light again so Max could tray to escape this torcher.It was like time froze you could hear a fly hiccup;the search began.For her.Max had a closer look at the man she saw strange shadows it was the panther he jumped up and killed the man who was trying to hurt her. Max ran to the panther and hugged him the other man ran away in fright. she thought i wonder where he has been.

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