The Ghost Hunt

Me and my friends, that loved scary tales, went out for a ghost hunt. As we stepped outside, the rain lashed and whipped as the wind howled like the wolves at night. SQUAWK!… it was just a black crow. The rain showered down on us; my friends loved the terror but I was quite nervous. While we entered the forest, that was haunted, the owls chirped and we left a trail of footsteps on the muddy path. All I could see was the pitch black darkness of the night. WHOOSH….. “AAAARRGGHHH!!!!” I screamed, beads of sweat forming on my forehead. By the time I realised my friends were laughing I knew they created a prank; they explained that it was just the wind. I was: terrified, petrified, nervous and suspicious that my friends were doing it on purpose. Soon, the rain came to an end and stopped whipping on our faces when we heard some howling – wolves… those are wolves – I repeated in my head. I ran like the wind and hid under a tree. Another prank! I thought as my friends came to me cackling and laughing their heads off while I frowned. Suddenly, we heard some grunts and breathing when…

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